Erica Stevens, Toronto B2B Technology Writer & Content Strategist

Erica Stevens, Toronto B2B Technology Writer & Content Strategist

A decade in at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, a master's degree in psychology, and a passion for great stories. As backgrounds go, this one is unconventional for a copywriter.

But my product—marketing content people actually want to read—is unconventional, too.

As a B2B marketing professional, you already know that content marketing is blowing up.

And because words power the internet, it's easy to see why.

But if (almost) everyone is putting out "content," does that mean they're doing it well? Is their content attracting a large audience, turning them into fans (who then turn their friends into fans), and doing it fast?

Not by a long shot.

Most businesses do the most natural thing in the world. They talk about things they care about, like their business, their expertise.

And they might even do a good job explaining highly technical products in words that are easy to understand.

But to keep people reading, instead of doing any of the 50 other things demanding their attention, you need more.

It has to be crystal clear that you know and care about what your audience wants most: answers to their questions and (easy) solutions to their problems.

This is true for:

-email campaigns

-web copy

-blog posts

-white papers

-case studies, and more.

Content that is useful and enjoyable to read works like gangbusters.

Consider how Brian Clark took his digital marketing company Copyblogger from tiny start-up to 30M in annual revenue in a few short years using this method alone (and without investors!).

And it works for financial services, enterprise technology, and other "boring" sectors, too.

The thing is, designing and creating high quality content—at the right time and in the right amount—is a production. And without the right tools, attempting it can become costly and overwhelming...and ultimately, a waste of time.

Like all time-suck traps, this one is oh-so-easy to fall into. Just think of your last 3 calls to support!

Thankfully, this particular trap is easy to avoid, too.

Contact me at to learn how to take your content from lots of words on a page to the trust-building power tool it can be.

In the meantime, read what my clients say about working with me and check out my work.

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