Erica Stevens, Toronto B2B Technology Writer & Content Strategist

Erica Stevens, Toronto B2B Technology Writer & Content Strategist

My younger brother Nick is famous for his homemade greeting cards.

One classic, a birthday card for my mom, showed each kid as a pictorial icon. For Adam, the diver who rarely left home without his speedos, a stick figure with a strategically placed triangle. A bespectacled worm for Olivia, who according to Nick was a ringer for Lolly the worm from Richard Scarry's Busy Town.

And for me? A disembodied mouth and a speech bubble around the words, "blah, blah, blah."

Ok. So I talk a lot.

But I listen, too!

Because stories about people are fascinating...and trading them is one of my favourite things to do.

This (kinda?) explains my first love, bad 80s sitcoms of the Eight is Enough variety—and my second and third: psychology and fiction.

But working in HR consulting and in corporate finance technology at Bank of America Merrill Lynch showed me that business—which I used to think was dry and boring—is full of drama too.

The huge effort involved in creating value that didn't exist before, the passionate people who succeed or fail.

That's drama.

So now I write business stories—ghostwriting for C-level executives, white papers, e-books, blog posts, case studies, email campaigns, and web copy—about finance, technology, leadership and more.

And when I'm not doing that, I'm pumping my family and friends for their stories, reading a family saga, or watching Gael Garcia Bernal be adorable in Mozart in the Jungle... while trying to stay warm (or cool!) in Toronto.