Erica Stevens, Toronto B2B Technology Writer & Content Strategist

Erica Stevens, Toronto B2B Technology Writer & Content Strategist

My clients say things like:

September 14th, 2017 17:19 by Erica Stevens, Toronto B2B Technology Writer & Content Strategist

  • "Working with Erica was great. She has a positive attitude and is open to constructive feedback. During the project, she was responsive and willing to help with all of our requests. She respected the timelines and was self-sufficient after the initial meetings and introductory emails--she setup interviews promptly.

  • Last week's topic [monetary policy and the Fed] isn't the easiest to adapt to the style we are trying to achieve with the weekly articles, but I think she did a commendable job.”

    --Alex Cheung, Marketing Manager, MD Financial Management

  • "Erica made the editorial process as painless as possible. She asked good questions in our initial meeting and paid attention to my vision for the project during the writing so her first draft was spot on. What's more, the writing was extremely polished, and the few changes I asked for she made quickly and without complaint. In short, she is a highly competent professional. Once I handed off my project to her I hardly had to think about it again—exactly what you want in a vendor!"

    --Cara Gerstein, Owner, WildFlower Dog Training

  • "Hi, Erica- Last year you did a great story for us on Global Expense Management. That topic is once again on our editorial calendar for this September, and I was wondering if you'd be available to tackle it again?"

    --Dan Booth, Editor, Business Travel Executive

  • "Erica- Once again thanks for the excellent work on the mobile payments story. Any interest in doing another?"

    --Dan Booth, Editor, Business Travel Executive

  • "Hi Erica, I am an editor at The Globe... I really enjoyed your piece. Nicely done."

    --Egle Procuta, Editor, The Globe and Mail

  • "You did good. I don't have any editorial suggestions."

    --Michael Helm, Novelist and Editor of Brick literary journal

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Erica at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where she was my business support lead for many years. Everything she does, she does well; I don’t think I gave her even one less-than-stellar performance review. But her professionalism and her ability to quickly understand new assignments, and then complete them on-time and with minimal input from me, made her invaluable. She is also a skilled writer and editor, and could always be trusted to produce error-free newsletters, reports, and other communications. On top of all that, Erica is a joy to work with: friendly, poised, and always open to feedback. Her freelance clients are lucky to have her.”

    --Jim O'Neil, Senior Vice President, Data Platforms, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

  • “I wasn’t explicitly hiring when Erica contacted me in 2005 about a position in the Boston office of Personnel Decisions International (PDI). But because I’m always on the lookout for talented candidates, I invited her to interview for an associate consultant role anyway. The interview consisted of several rounds, including a simulated consulting scenario, a battery of logical reasoning and personality tests, and a presentation on a topic of her choosing. The senior members of my team and I were impressed with Erica’s energy and intelligence, and after hiring her I was immediately impressed by her work, too. Her first assignment was to write a long report integrating the results of an already completed leadership assessment. I gave her a few samples to model and a quick verbal description of what I wanted, and the result was excellent: a report that was clear, accurate, and captured PDI’s voice. In fact, it so closely matched the samples it was as if Erica had been writing these reports for years. It’s rare to see someone write such a high quality assessment report on the first try.”

    --Sandra O'Connor, Ph.D., Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry

  • "Hi Erica, I'm exactly half way through your [master's] thesis. I just thought you'd like to know that I am finding it a REAL PLEASURE to read. It is certainly the best piece of writing I have had from any of the students that I have worked with before. What a treat."

    --Meredyth Daneman, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto, 2005